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FMfx put at your disposal manifold investment channels ranging from currency pairs to commodities and stocks. Our rationale is simple and effective: we enable you to diversify your portfolio to increase your profit potential and to optimize your trading experience and hedging possibilities

Forex Trading

Using FMfx trading platform, you can become a part of this profitable market by trading a great variety of currencies with zero commission, low spreads and most importantly, lucrative leverage.


Raw materials are the driving force behind global economy. We cannot imagine modern life without industrial commodities such as oil, platinum or copper and agricultural commodities, such as wheat, sugar or corn.

Indices & Stocks

FMfx’s traders may choose to trade on individual stocks or on get exposure to larger markets in the forms of indices. Like other types of assets offered by our online platform, our traders benefit from high leverage and low spread when trading stocks or indices.

CFD Trading

Trading CFDs entails two major advantages. First, you enjoy lucrative leverage possibilities which allow you to significantly increase your profit. Second, since you do not own the asset, you are not required to pay the cost and commission associated with ownership.