Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcement

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On June 5, 2017, in San Jose Convention Center in California, developers have gathered to listen to Apple’s Chief Executive Officer: Tim Cook as well as other Apple executives, as they share their latest innovations that will surely meet people’s technological needs and expectations from the company.

In the course of two-and-a-half hours at the convention, Tim Cook, along with other Apple executives unveiled their company’s assets for this year; one is their most powerful Mac, they have also announced the progress of the long-awaited Siri speaker, as well as different software upgrades for all Apple platforms.

However, aside from introducing new products that would definitely change every consumer’s technological needs and expectations, Apple also included on the WWDC conference its plans for the future.

Some of Apple’s presentation on the WWDC conference includes the Apple HomePod, a seven-inch smart speaker with seven tweeters and runs on an Apple A8 chip. This device customizes the sound to fill out the room you’re in, another function of this magnificent device is that: its six microphones array at the middle allows a user to directly communicate with Siri, whether to deliver weather forecast, set a timer or even play Beats 1 Radio.

In relevance to the most powerful Mac that was presented on the WWDC conference, the all new iMac Pro comes with processors that can process for as much as 22 teraflops, memory that can be up to 128 gigs, as well as a massive 4 terabyte storage. In addition, the company also announced upgrades to the entire line of MacBooks as well as iMacs, which—as of the time being, is ahead of sales against Intel’s Kaby Lake processors.

This was also followed by the announcement that the latest macOS also called as High Sierra will bring fantastic updates to every Apple devices, infact, with the update, users can definitely notice the smoothness of Safari that can process for up to 80% faster, which comes with a built-in autoplay blocking and intelligent tracking prevention to hide cross-site scripting data.

Added features includes new features in Mail, the usage of less storage space on consumer’s phone, as well as highly developed machine learning capabilities for Photos, which automatically sorts a consumer’s library by event and even detect who’s in the photos. The company also presented a new watchfare that is powered by Siri, which displays the most relevant information based on the frequently used apps of a consumer. Apple also introduced its partnership with Amazon, which will build its Prime Video Library into Apple TVs this 2017.

The WWDC conference made Tim Cook and some of Apple’s executives present some of their plans and developments for the future, aside from the things being given above, there are still some Apple features that are sure to keep consumers excited, like the latest update for iOS—the iOS 11 which gives off the most relevant and smooth information and interface.

They have also included the presentation of AR or Augmented Reality, in which through a computer vision, iPhones can now detect surfaces and even add AR objects on top of them. These announcements did not just make every Apple consumer excited, but also gave every developer that we’re in the conference some technological references which could stand as a basis in creating a fully developed one in the future.




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